This page contains related links for actuarial and benefit information, investment advisors, accountants and tax specialists.  These links are provided as a convenience for our website visitors, they are not necessarily endorsed by ALI Actuarial & Retirement Plan Services.

Links to actuarial & benefit information:

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) home

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) home

American Society of Pension Actuaries (ASPA) home

Society of Actuaries (SOA) home's Guide to Retirement


Anything you ever wanted to know about 401(k)

Links to investment advisors, financial planners, and related services:

Annuity FYI - - Learn about and compare the best fixed and variable annuities.  Annuity rates and quotes for variable and fixed annuities.

Annuity HQ - - Objective side-by-side comparison of today's top 39 annuities.  Located in Houston, TX. - help with annuity purchases.  Located in Monroe Township, NJ.

Mark Hebner - investment advisor located in Monterey, CA.

David K. Laidlaw, CFA - investment advisor located in Katonah, NY.

Kipley J. Lytel, CFA - financial services firm located in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, CA.  Offers wealth and money management, financial and retirement planning, investment advice, and investment portfolio services.

Bill Middleton - investment advisor located in Seattle, WA.

Erich Ruth - 1099Fire is dedicated to providing feature-rich 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, 1042-S and W2 software. Import, print and eFile 1099 forms the quick and easy way!

John Scanlon - investment advisor located in Jackson, MS.

Umang Sagar - offers fixed rate annuities and annuity quotes; information on immediate annuities, annuity calculators, deferred and variable annuities, retirement, insurance, and 401(k)'s.

Links to accountants and tax specialists:

Nick DiNatale - certified public accountant located in Melrose, MA.

Dave Kaufman - tax software; located in Denver, CO.

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